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Ark: Time To Shoot Guns and Ride Raptors!

October looks to be booming for Ark!

In case you haven’t heard yet, one of the most irritating part of the Ark’s official box art is the fact that you see a gun wielding survivor blasting a gun from the safety of a raptors saddle. In the game, survivors have yet to be able to do so despite the want to. Well this is all about to change as lead designer to Ark: Survival Evolved, Jeremy Stieglitz, has been teasing the possibility to use firearms on mounts such as raptors.

Another tweet showed that the idea is finally coming to fruition.

After another twitter user suggested lances, it seems that they are on a roll.

This should be a nice addition to add to the game to make some older and beginner dinos a little bit more relevant. Currently, passenger riders are able to fire from dino’s such as gallimimus, diplodocus and the trabajara. I reached out to see what dinos that they are interested in adding this ability to and it seems that anything that will be roughly human sized. There might be a shot at seeing the carno on this list as it’s roughly a bit larger than human size.

Estimated to drop October 10th for PC, update v248 is expected to also include new dinos such asĀ Kaprosuchus,Ā Diplocaulus,Ā Chalicotherium & theĀ Megalosaurus. It’s also anticipate to release with Phase Three of breeding to include mutations and family trees. Probably the biggest addition is the inclusion of procedurally generated Arks, essentially a survivor’s endless supply of Arks!

On October 28th, it is expected to kick off the next holiday event with Fear Evolved 2 which looks to add vampires, werewolves and the much feared Dodorex!

Some if not all of this should be anticipated to roll into Xbox with v 743.

Sources: Twitter & Survive The Ark

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  1. when are they planning on putting the ajustable max player to host dedicated server


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