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Call of Duty: All Of Your Hard Drive Space Are Belong To Us

Hopefully you have enough space for this year's new installment of Call of Duty!

With the 2016 holiday season fastly approaching, some favorite franchises will be releasing to gamers. Call of Duty, one of the holiday’s tentpole titles will be releasing Infinite Warfare, developed by Infinity Ward. Alongside the new release will also include the remastered version of Modern Warfare. Many gamers were excited to find our one of the classic Call of Duty games would be releasing, willing to pay the money to play the game. Eventually it came to light that you would have to own Infinite Warfare in order to play Modern Warfare.

However, this isn’t what we are here today for. Instead we are discussing the ridiculousness of the 130 GB of space required to play the game(s). Recently, Activision updated the FAQ section to Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare to reflect some new information. The thorn to the entire update is that hard space gouging game that looks to make sure that 500GB console owners do not have hard space to play anything else. Seriously, 130 GB, before DLC! Of course this entire amount is if you want to play Modern Warfare, as you cannot play it without Infinite Warfare installed. Infinite Warfare itself will require the bulk of nearly 90 GB whereas the Remaster will require roughly 37 GB.

Additionally, not all of the maps will be available on the first day of release.

The game will feature 10 fan-favorite maps from the original multiplayer mode at launch, including “Ambush,” “Backlot”, “Bog,” “Crash,” “Crossfire,” “District,” “Downpour,” “Overgrown,” “Shipment,” and “Vacant.” The remaining 6 maps (“Bloc,” “Countdown,” “Pipeline,” “Showdown,” “Strike,” and “Wet Work”) will be made available by 12/31/16.

It’s ridiculous the amount of space games are willing to press for from console machines, and even on PC for that matter. Individuals who run slow internet as is, this is painstaking as they will definitely not be better off purchasing this digitally. PlayStation 4 owners who pre-purchase the game are currently able to play the single player campaign of Modern Warfare early until November 3rd; and the multiplayer portion will go live on November 4th alongside the release of Infinite Warfare.

Sadly, this is the trend that games are heading. With high resolutions, more to do, more content, it requires more space. While some are looking towards streaming as an alternative to high capacity installs, many infrastructures will not support streaming to the highest grade quality that we would hope for.

Will you be picking up the heavy install of the upcoming Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare? Let us know in the comment section. As always you do not have to sign-up to join the conversation!

Sources: Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare FAQ & Polygon


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