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Five Games For Halloween Spirit Seeking

With Halloween fast approaching, I felt that it was appropriate to share with you all five games for the season to share with you to get you into the spirit. Most of these games are available across multiple platforms and these will also be a variety of styles to help fit your gaming preferences. – I took a little inspiration from my good friend Anchorman over at TICGN.

Emily Wants To Play ($4.99)

I apologize if you literally are a pizza delivery person, but Emily Wants To Play makes this list for it’s pure psychological terror and it’s lead to put you into situations that have not been seen since the old days of Resident Evil. This game takes some keys from Five Nights At Freddie’s, replacing the animatronics with children’s dolls and toys. If you could learn anything from Emily Wants To Play, don’t enter creepy houses, ever!

Outlast 2 Demo (Free)

I will be honest with you; it has been a while since a game literally made me jump from fright. The demo to Outlast 2 has accomplished making me pull a #Nope moment, one that I had not felt since the release of Alien: Isolation. The best part is that you can play this demo, for free obviously, and it packs the punch that you would expect from an Outlast, or a first-person, survival horror game. My recommendation it so call a priest to sit in with you while you play the game, drink some holy water and clinch your religious text tightly.

The Bunker ($19.99)

The Bunker is a completely different style of game altogether, featuring film rather than your typical animated graphics. It is a game that you progress based upon the decisions that you make and turns into more of a movie game than anything. The premise puts you in the position of the last survivor of a Nuclear bunker that loses his mind after an alarm triggers. During this and the exploration of the bunker, many suppressed memories start to return revealing a dark childhood.

Claire: Extended Cut ($14.99)

The game, Claire, is a much different style game than anything on this list as it a sidescroller, from a self-proclaimed 2.5 pixel style. The game itself honestly reminds me much of old school games such as A Boy and His Blob (NES version not WII U) or Maniac Mansion. One of the neatest things of this game is it’s “panic-based horror system.” Essentially, if you freak out, the game will pick up on this and press you even further. Claire is the perfect culmination of psychological horror and fear.

Gears of War 4 (Starting at $59.99)

Yeah, Gears of War 4 is on this list, not because it is a horror game, but because it packs a few things associated with Halloween:  Blood, gore and chainsaws. This is the latest entrant to the series in which it picks up with Marcus’s son as the lead protagonist. The series itself has been one of the most gruesome games to date, on top of the fact that it is typically one of the most polished franchises. With blood squirting everywhere, body limbs flailing through the air and guns that rock a chainsaw as well as bullets, Gears of War 4 will clearly be a top choice to get you into the Halloween spirit.

We hope you enjoy the list that we have offered you, and hopefully it drives some Halloween spirit for you! What games do you gamers like to play to get you into the Halloween spirit? Let us know below, as always, you do not need to sign up to join the conversation!

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