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Is Red Dead 3 About To Be Revealed?

A couple teasers set the gaming world ablaze!

It’s no secret that one of the most anticipated games around is the next installment of the Red Dead series; sometimes more annoyingly referred to as Red Dead Redemption 2. When the last entrant entered the Xbox One as a backwards compatibility title, sales for the game jumped nearly 6,000% according to some sources. Yesterday the first teaser was shared around RockStar Games social media sites with a red backed Rockstar logo. The unique dirty look to parts of the shared photo resembled the dusty, dirty backs of the Red Dead series.


From the above picture, it left a lot of room for speculation. For months, nearly years, Rockstar stated that they were anticipating releasing new entrants to other series rather than releasing the next to Red Dead. Many signs pointed at the resurrection of the Bully series as being one of the candidates, and it has been a while since we’ve seen a Midnight Club game. The latter would make sense as the racing game industry has seemingly gone to the open world scape that Midnight Club was made famous for. However, today, Rockstar dropped the mic and rode off into the sunset with their next teaser.


Already there is speculation that Rockstar is ready to share it’s rendition of the Magnificent Seven, especially after it was just remade by director Antoine Fuqua. Needless to say, this all but confirms that Red Dead 3, or whatever the next title will be, is definitely on the table and will be talked about sooner than we anticipated.

Source: RockStar Games

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