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Destiny: Festival of the Lost returns and your raisins matter!

Its less than a week until halloween is here and like many games Destiny is getting in on all the halloween fun. Festival of the Lost was a splendid surprise and a hit in the Destiny community last year and this year it’s even better with all new masks, emotes, shaders and more to collect along with all the last year goodies returning as well. This year however not only is the tower in the spirit of halloween but so is the Reef and the Iron Temple. Eva Lavante and Tyra Karn both have relatively short and easy questlines that give you masks and emblems as well as some good laughs.


Now I’m sure most guardians will remember getting tiny boxes of raisins in the last Festival and wondering why. Well this year they actually have a purpose! Firstly, youll need a box of Ascendant Raisins to do this little side quest, if you didn’t save a box from last year, don’t fret as you can get a new one easily. If you didnt save a box from last year, during Evas quest she will ask you to talk to npcs in the tower and get candy from them. Once you talk to Eris Morn she will give a new box of raisins, you must then take the raisins to the speaker and pay some glimmer and 25 motes of light to ascend them. After you have your Ascendant raisins take them to Zavala who will trade them for a Salted chew, you then take the Salted chew to the Cryptarch who will trade that for a Winged Chew, next take the Winged chew to Amanda Holliday in the hanger and she will trade the chew for Splice drops. Next take the drops and go to Cayde-6 who will trade the Splice drops for Unchocolate ( Whatever unchocolate is it sounds gross). Finally, give the unchocolate to Eris Morn and she will give you a bag of treats and when you open it you will be given the new SuperBlack Shader and a piece of celery.

destiny_festival_of_the_lost_2016 Here are all the new masks introduced in this years festival.

There are other shaders to collect outside of quests as well. Unquiet Spirit is an all green shader that glows and it drops as a random reward in crucible. Sea of tears is an all blue shader that drops as a reward from full bags of candy from eva so keep filling the bags and turning them in. Candlelight is another new shader that glows and is a pink and white combo and you get this randomly from Horde chests in strikes so you will need skeleton keys to access this shader.

Also in the tower next to Tess Everis there is a robot looking for her lost broom. Head to the hanger and down to the bar area where the emote kiosk is and look on the wall to you top right. There will be a broom sitting on some boxes, jump up and grab the broom. You can now use the broom as a sparrow while the festival of the lost is active!

That’s all for bow my fellow guardians, we here at PlayBackGaming hope everyone enjoys the Festival and that the information in this article helped. As always feel free to leave a comment below, you don’t even need to sign up to do it! Thank you again for reading everyone and make sure to have a great day!

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