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Five Games With Halloween Themed Events

Last week, we delivered you five games that you can play to help get you into the mood for “All Hallows Eve.” Well we aren’t the only ones wanting you to get into the Halloween spirit as many games are holding in game events directly correlating with the holiday. Some of these you may know of, but reminders never hurt, right? Some of the following are not yet released, whereas some others are running all month long, if not longer.

Grand Theft Auto

Rockstar Games isn’t missing out on the fun with Grand Theft Auto 5, they will be releasing special content for the ever popular game featuring things like a New LCC Sanctus motorcycle with a skull that has glowing red eyes. Also included will be a new mode called Lost vs Damned which will throw teams of angels and demons against each other. This mode will feature a 60 second day and night cycle wherein the day will give angels increased health, armor and better weapons while the night does the same for the demons. Halloween items from last years event will also be available and anyone who logs in will recieve 250,000$ right to your maze bank. GTAs halloween event will start Friday October 28th.


Destiny is getting into the Halloween Spirit with the return of Festival of the Lost. Festival of the Lost was a surprise hit last year and its back and better this time around. There are new quests with all new goodies to collect such as shaders, ghost and emblems. There are also a few easter eggs and alot of inside puns to be had. Festival of the lost starts on October 25th and will run until November 9th.


Overwatch is currently running it’s Halloween event for it’s players. This entails skins for select characters as well as intros, sayings, and other cosmetics. If you play the Brawl Mode, you get to play a pretty neat cinematic-esque horde game. In this you get to pick one of four different characters (Soldier 76, Ana, McCree and Hanzo) and you will square off against “Dr. Junkenstein” and his posse (Junkrat, Reaper, Roadhog and Mercy). The latter set of characters do include custom skins for the holiday that can be unlocked as you earn more and more loot crates!

Ark: Survival Evolved

Ark has its own Halloween even incoming with Fear Evolved 2. This update will give survivors new skins and other cosmetics and costumes. Snakes, presuming the Titanoboa, will become tamable and there will be vampire bats (onyc) and rabid wolves (dire wolves). Being bit by either will result in vampirism or lycanthropy. Last year brought the famed Dodorex but this year survivors get to look forward to having the Dodowyvern.


The Fear Evolved 2 update is planned to release on the PC, and assumingly Xbox, from October 27th through November 6th.

The Elder Scrolls: Online

In my own household, if I haven’t heard enough of the Witches Festival even in ESO, I will be assured to hear more of it. My partner in crime is absolutely in love with this game, which I thought was a good idea to get her interested into the hobby I enjoy too. Well with the Witches Festival I get to hear how there is a wait for a boss to respawn to take it’s skull for the reward at the end.  Like many of the other games, this event is filled with plenty of cosmetic goods for you to keep and cherish.

The Witches Festival will run from October 13th through November 1st.

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