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Elder Scrolls Online To Introduce Player Housing

One Tamriel has finally been deployed across the PC and the console, and it seemingly has been very well received. While I haven’t had time to really try it out much myself, it was pretty awesome to hop in the other night and see that folks were busy trying out the dueling options. Right now, many are highly involved with the current Witches Festival event being ran in the game.

Today I am happy to talk about the highly requested and anticipated housing. This has almost been a given to be had in any MMO, one that I had the pleasure of first interacting with on Ultima Online. Housing enables players to feel like they truly have something to call theirs for all of the hours they grind at. Some MMO’s like the Guild Wars series use housing for a guild based refuge, and some are traditionally for individual use. For the Elder Scrolls, this is a pretty important part as most of the games give you housing, even sometimes by players murderously stealing housing from citizens of the land.

One of my concerns was that the housing was potentially going to be a static build with little to no customization available. Turns out that there is a plan to include furniture crafting, which will become something sought by those wanting to spice up their abode. While not a lot has been discussed about housing, Game Director Matt Firor spoke briefly with YouTube Gaming host, Geoff Keighley, about what plans are currently underway for housing.

So a quick recap of what we know:

  • Housing is coming
  • Crafted furniture will be implemented
  • Friends and guildmates will be able to join you in your new home
  • Houses will be designed after each race
  • Houses will come in small, medium and large
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