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This Week In New Releases (Week of 10.30.16)

A new week of releases is upon us. Check out some of the games will be releasing this week. (These releases are accounted for North America only. Also, this is not a complete list of every release.)

October 31st


Hitman – Episode 6: Hokkaido (PC, PS4, XB1)




In the season one finale of Square Enix’s episodic Hitman game, Agent 47 goes to Japan and must take out two different targets. Hokkaido will be set within an exclusive resort & a private hospital.



November 1st


SteamWorld Collection (PS4)




This is a collection of the two SteamWorld games available on the PlayStation 4, SteamWorld Dig & SteamWorld Heist. These two games are currently available on the PlayStation Store as digital downloads, but now the game collectors can have them on a physical disc.



Super Dungeon Bros (PC, PS4, XB1)




Super Dungeon Bros is a rock-inspired dungeon crawler, think of it as a lighthearted version of Diablo. It will feature 4 player co-op for both online & offline player and will have cross-platform co-op play.




 November 4th


Mario Party: Star Rush (3DS)




Star Rush is the next installment in Nintendo’s popular Mario Party franchise. Star Rush has removed the car feature that has been in the more recent Mario Party titles and changed up how players move on the board as they can move at will & not have to wait until their turn. Multiplayer is available for up to 4 players via local wireless, sadly no online multiplayer. Diddy Kong will be making his debut as a playable character.



Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare (PC, PS4, XB1)




Infinite Warfare is the next installment in the massively popular & best selling first-person shooter franchise, Call Of Duty. In the single-player campaign, you will be fighting in a battle for the Solar System. If you purchase the Legacy, Digital Deluxe or Legacy Pro editions of the game you will get the Modern Warfare Remaster as well, which is a Call Of Duty classic.





Well, this week has a decent selection of games releasing, so I hope that you’ve got your money ready. I hope that you end up enjoying whichever game(s) you decide to spend your money on, and as always, happy gaming!!

Also, don’t forget to check out this month’s Games With Gold & PlayStation Plus games as well.

Bobby’s pick of the week: Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare + Modern Warfare Remastered

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