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5 great immersive mods on console for Skyrim Remastered!

Skyrim Remastered has just recently released and with it came the addition of mods! Mods are a fantastic addition to Skyrim that can make any number of changes to it depending on what the player desires. We here at PlayBackGaming have been playing and experimenting with lots of mods and we wanted to draw attention to Five mods in paticular that make the game far more immersive. We have checked and all of these mods are available on consoles and they all work together without conflicting so if you decide to try them all out then you can! We will have a small description of each mod and a link directly to each mods Nexus page where you can read even more if desired, without further ado lets begin.


1. Campfire – Complete Camping System.

Campfire adds a whole new crafting system, survival system and new skill trees. You can start crafting by building a campfire anywhere in the open world of skyrim. From there you learn to craft tents and other items such as backpacks and walking sticks. The mod even takes you through short but helpful tutorials. This is definitely a great mod to add an extra level of immersion to Skyrim.


2. Frostfall.

Frostfall is a mod the actually requires Campfire and adds even more immersion to it. The goal of Frostfall is to add a very deep and immersive hypothermia system to Skyrim. This yet again adds skill trees and weather effects. For instance, if you’re freezing cold your stamina will drain and you won’t be able to sprint. If you’re the type who loves to fight the elements then this mod is a great addition.


3. True Storms Special Edition.

True Storms is a complete overhaul of Skyrims weather system. Everything from weather effects, sounds and lighting is changed here. Thunderstorms are heavy and louder, Thunder cracks realistically in the background and lightning darts the sky. Blizzards are blinding whirlwinds of snow that make the world take on a very different feel. There are even options to turn up or turn down the audio effects. This mod is absolutely fantastic not only for immersion but also the amazing visuals.


4. Static Mesh Improvement Mod.

Static mesh is a mod the overhauls hundreds if not thousands of textures in Skyrim. Wood planks for instance look more realistic and chain links dont look like they’re made out of paper anymore just to name a few things. The difference with this mod is really noticeable and it makes exploring the world of Skyrim just that much nicer.


5. Open Cities Skyrim.

Open Cities brings back a great feature that was in MorrowWind. What this mod does is eliminates the load screens when you’re entering a hold. So when you open the main gate to Whiterun it’ll just open, no pauses and no loads. This allows you to do things like ride your horse into a hold or if you’re fighting a dragon that you can’t defeat you can lure it back to the hold and run in for safety. The gameplay elements this adds is very nice and it’s another very immersive mod.


Let us know if these mods interested you and if there are anymore mods you’d like to see us spotlight! As always feel free to leave a comment down below, there’s no need to login or anything. We hope you enjoyed these mods and remember to keep it tuned to for all your gaming news. Thanks for reading everybody and have a fantastic day.


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