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Dragonball Xenoverse 2: How to unlock transformations!

Dragonball Xenoverse 2 has been out for a few weeks now and there are still people asking how you get your characters transformations. We hope to answer some of those questions today and hopefully help players realize their potential!

So transformations in Xenoverse 2 are a bit harder to obtain in comparison to Xenoverse 1. Thankfully transformations aren’t reliant on an RNG system this time which is a welcome change. However instead each transformation has a questline that can be a little grindy at times and other transformations are obtained differently.


The transformations that have a dedicated side quest to achieve them are Super Saiyan, Turn Golden, Become Giant, Power Pole Pro and the Kid Buu form. To get these you must do side missions for certain characters and hub worlds. Saiyans, for instance, have to do Vegeta’s side quests at capsule corp for Super Saiyan. You also have to progress in the story as well as it helps push these side quests along, usually getting halfway through the android saga or the beginning of the Buu saga is a good sweet spot.

The transformations that are unlocked by other means are Potential Unleashed, Kaioken, and Future Super Saiyan. Potential Unleashed is unlocked by progressing to the Super level of your advancement tests with a Z ranking on all previous tests. You then talk to Tester who will have one last test pits you against strong characters like Beerus and Whiz. After you beat this you get Potential Unleashed and just like Xenoverse one it can be used by all races.


Secondly, is Kaioken which is probably the easiest of all the transformations to get. For Kaioken all you have to do is complete a parallel quest and get it as an award. It’s worth noting unlike Xenoverse 1 there isn’t a Kaioken x3 or 20 this time. Instead, there’s just Kaioken and your ki bars, when activated, determines the strength. So five ki bars, for example, will activate Kaioken x20.


Lastly is Future Super Saiyan which can be unlocked after you beat the main games story. Before you can unlock it though you have to complete side missions in each hub world until they give you time eggs. These work exactly like Time Shards from Xenoverse 1 in that they unlock extra story missions after you beat the main story. One of these is a new chapter in the Future Gohan vs 17 and 18 fight, beating this will reward you with the Future Super Saiyan Transformation.


Hopefully, this answered some questions for everyone and helped players unlock their transformations. There will be more Xenoverse 2 news coming out soon so make sure to keep it tuned to for all your Xenoverse news. As always feel free to comment down below, you don’t even need to login! Thanks again everyone for reading and have an amazing day.

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