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How To Sign Up For Mass Effect Andromeda’s Beta

Mass Effects Andromeda is set to be releasing in the Spring of 2017, but before then, BioWare is planning a multiplayer BETA for part of the game. So how do you sign up for this?

  • First you will want to head over to BioWare Beacon, the specific hub that you’ll be applying at.
  • If you do not have an EA Account, it will prompt you to sign up and to link together whatever accounts you wish to between Origin, PSN and Xbox Live.
  • You will have to select at least one format as, assumingly, the codes will be platform specific.
  • The sign-up consists of a survey that will ask you about your gaming experience and what platforms you are familiar and comfortable with. There also is a small bit about your favorite games as well as their curiosity of specific franchises they want to know if you are familiar with as well.

Once you’ve completed this survey your sign-up is complete and you should receive a confirmation email. However, be sure that you head over to Mass Effect’s main page and sign up for the Andromeda Initiative where they will be sharing content about the game and giving gamers an idea of what lore to be expecting going into the upcoming title.

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