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Skyrim Special Edition: Five Weapons, Armor & Monster Mods

Last week we here at PlayBack Gaming brought you five Skyrim Special Edition mods to give your game great character customization. Today we will be looking at five more mods that add new weapons, armors and monsters to fight and increase your variety and challenge. These mods have all been tested on Xbox One together to make sure they all work together without any conflicts. So, let’s dive in with Isilmeriels Lord of the Rings [LOTR] weapons.

Isilmeriels LOTR Weapons

This mod is the first of the two weapon packs we will cover today. LOTR Weapons adds iconic weapons from The Lord of the Rings movies including Glamdring, Spiderbane and more. These weapons are stunningly designed down to the sheath and they are all upgradable at grindstones and enchantable. A special forge is also added in and you must go here to create most of these weapons.


Isilmeriels LOTR Weapons Weblink

Kyne’s Breath – Weapon Pack

Kyne’s Breath includes over 50 new weapons spanning from one-handed swords to bows and daggers. These weapons are craftable, upgradable and enchantable plus they are all lore friendly and based off real weapons so the models are amazing.


Kyne’s Breath Weblink

Monsters Reborn: Special Edition

Monsters Reborn is a fantastic mod for players seeking new and refreshing enemies to fight from the very start of a playthrough. This mod adds in over 50 new enemies that are all added seamlessly into the tiered leveled lists meaning the higher your level, the better your chance of encountering these new enemies. This mod also adds in new loading screens depicting and describing some of the added creatures.


Monsters Reborn: Special Edition

Diamond Smithing Complete

Diamond Smithing Complete takes the entire Diamond Smithing series and puts them together into one package. What this mod does is allows the player to take things such as garnets, amethysts and emeralds and smith them into sets or armor and weapons. It’s a handy mod if for if you collect all those gems but never sell them and the armors you can smith are all able to be tempered and they also have tiers. Garnet being equal to iron and amethyst to steel and so forth.


Diamond Smithing Complete

Artorias the Abysswalker

This mod is for players seeking a real challenging enemy. Artorias is a NPC from the Dark Souls series and he is extremely hard. This adds in Artorias as a boss fight and upon beating him you will be able to loot his armor and weapon which are immensely powerful and upgradeable. Just be wary that Artorias is not a fight to be taken lightly.


We certainly hope that you found these awesome and intriguing. If there are any mods you’d like us to talk about or if we missed anything completely then please comment and let us know, there’s no need to sign up to do so. As always everybody, thank you for reading and make sure to keep it tuned to for all your gaming news and have an amazing day.

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