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Ark: Turkey Trial 2 Is A Complete Havoc & Slightly Hilarious

Yesterday, Xbox Survivors were treated to a nightmare straight from the developer’s minds over at Studio Wildcard. The cool news for the Xbox owners was that they for once got an update before PC, the bad news is that this time, they were the sacrifice to the dino gods.

The Super Turkey replaced the Skeleton dino spawns from the Fear Evolved 2 event that was ran for Halloween. With the event, survivors get an opportunity to earn new emotes, get a pretty swag looking native headband, and hunt wild super turkeys. However, these turkeys have been genetically modified with more steroids and PCP than your local drug dealers can provide. Seriously.

I’m part of two really neat communities on Facebook: Ark Survival Evolved Xbox One Community & Ark: Survival Evolved -Xbox One (English) [Which you should totally join if you play the Xbox version, as well as the Ark Station club on the Xbox Clubs App]

The common theme since the release of the Turkey Trial event is pretty synonymous: These evil turkeys are out of control. Several players have shared horror stories of entire herds of dinos being wiped from their base, some were even victim of turkeys ransacking their bases as well.

The good news for us all is that the developers have had enough fun torturing the Xbox community and have decided to patch up the evil turkeys from creating more havoc. This should be a relief to the community, who have all seemingly teamed up to hide inside the local YMCA until the turkeys are gone.


After all of this terror from turkeys that have been bestowed upon you survivors, I leave you with this:


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