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Persona 5 Delayed Until April

Yesterday on Twitter, Sony let it be known that Persona 5 wouldn’t be releasing until April 4, 2017, but it wasn’t all bad new as the game will feature dual audio as free DLC for both consoles.



Persona 5 was originally going to be released on February 14, 2017, outside of Japan, which received the game in September of this year, but now we will have to wait until April 4, 2017, which is a mere 7 weeks later, to play this game.

It’s not all bad news as dual audio was announced as free DLC for users on both the PS4 and the PS3. No need to worry if it’s only free for a period of time as they stated that it will be free forever, so you won’t have to pay for this DLC, ever. If you are not sure what they are referring to with dual audio, it means that you will be able to play the game with either the English or Japanese voiceovers.

If you just happen to be attending the PlayStation Experience in Anaheim, you will be able to play a demo of Persona 5 and be able to get a Persona 5 collector’s card from the Atlus booth as they will be there showing the game off.




We also got to see a glimpse of what the “Take Your Heart” Premium Edition of Persona 5 will look like. Atlus showed off the artbook, steelbook case and the box it comes packaged in.




If the wait of Persona 5 is killing you, just grab a PlayStation Vita and play through Person 4: Golden. You will not be disappointed.

Persona 5 will be releasing on April 4, 2017, for both the PS3 and PS4 platforms.

Persona 5 was initially released on September 15, 2016, in Japan.



Source: PlayStation Blog


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