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The Island Map In Ark Is Getting A Cave Makeover With v251

I process of updating what is old to feel something that is new, Studio Wildcard has decided to implement some changes to ensure a fantastic game by the time it launches. One of the big changes that the developer is in process of implementing is updating the caves on The Island map. Back at the end of September, they asked in the official forums about the gauge in interest of updating the caves. Overwhelmingly, the response were in favor for updating the caves and giving each a little bit of flair and their own identity.

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Hey guys,

Our Level Designers are currently working through bringing some of our older caves up to scratch. They wanted to hear your thoughts on the current caves we have on the Island, both above ground and underwater caves. Ideally, they’re looking for the most feedback in regards to these caves:

Central Cave:

So since then, they’ve been making headway and will be implementing cave changes for update v251.0. It seems that the entrances will be receiving major updates to the point that anyone who may have built around the entrances, will be losing those structures if not removed by the update.

This may suck for anyone who spiced up their own cave entrances, but for me it is okay. On official and big servers, I personally think anyone who builds in or around the caves themselves are finally receiving a taste of their own medicine. Should go without saying it should be a rule of thumb: don’t build in the caves and don’t block the entrances!

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