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Free Play Weekend! Play These Games This Weekend!

If you are looking for something to play this weekend, then you are in luck, no matter what platform you choose to play on [that is not Nintendo]. So what things can you possibly try out this weekend?

Overwatch [PC, PS4, X1]

Overwatch has taken this year by storm. Blizzard’s hit new IP is up for multiple awards at this years’ VGAs including Game of the Year as well as eSports Game of the Year. The shooter also just received a big update to the game including limiting teams to own player per character on a team. Plus, the highly anticipated Sombra has finally found her way into the lineup. This is definitely a time to tryout Overwatch as it is on sale this holiday season, including digitally with Xbox One.

November 18th through 21st

Steep Open Beta [PC, PS4, X1]

Steep is Ubisofts upcoming snowboarding open world game that looks pretty magnificent from what we’ve seen. While we have had the opportunity to try the game out, we cannot speak further on the subject. Just know that the Beta is open, and hopefully you see what we see in the game!

November 18th through 21st

NBA 2k17 [X1]

The latest installment to the NBA 2k franchise will be experiencing a free play weekend for Xbox Gold subscribers. Like Overwatch, NBA 2k17 will be part of this years holiday sales so it will be a great time to try it to find out if you want to buy it.

November 18th through 21st

Rainbow Six: Siege [PC, PS4]

One of the biggest turnaround games defintiely would have to be Rainbow Six: Siege. After recognizing the oppotunity to push their game into the competetive eSports market, the game has seemingly been pushed back to Ubisoft’s forefront. The game just received an update with new operators to play as. You can definitely expect to find great discounts on Siege as it has been out much longer than any of the other released games on this list.

November 18th through 21st

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