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Ark: Xbox Update Incoming, Plus Barbershops!

What is going on with Ark?

Over the last couple weeks, several things have been discussed about creating changes to the game; with one in particular that many [me included] have been asking for quite some time. There also are adjustments going on that have already been implemented on the PC, but now will be making its way to the consoles.

Xbox Update 747.0

For starters, Studio Wildcard has an ETA of update 747.0 on Xbox scheduled for later today. This update plans to:

  • Full CrossArk transfer enabled thru all Official Servers within a particular game mode
  • Xbox fixes for dinos spawning in bases
  • Turkeys are non-aggressive now, only defensive, and have slightly reduced stats
  • DodoRex takes 400 wishbones on Xbox servers now

Probably the biggest change will be the full CrossArk transfer enabling. This is major since Scorched Earth survivors have had the luxury of being able to bring dinos to the other servers and create unwarranted havoc. Now survivors will be able to transfer from any map to another, as well as bring their dinos and belongings with them as well. There is no indication if this will work on the Primitive Plus servers or not, since Center and Island maps on regular servers will be able to cross transfer.

Source: Xbox 747.0 Patch Notes

Hair styles and bears are incoming to survivors soon!

One knacking issue that some survivors have had, is the lack of hairstyles and facial hair. Many of which have felt the cookie cutter look of a shaved head and missing facial hair have made the customization feel less lively. Lead designer Jeremy  Stieglitz took to Twitter to share that he is currently working on bringing this feature to the game, something that some would argue should be part of the game before it launches.

What Is Coming Up Next For Ark?

The next planned update for Ark looks to bring on many features that will help survivors majorly! This patch is said to be massive as it will include four new dinos, six new cave designs to the Island caves, Turkey Trial 2 for PC, breeding mutations as well as family lines and finally new commands including dino whistle grouping.

As far as dinos go, we will be introduced to the Achatina, Megalosaurus, Pachyrhinosaurus, & Moschops! These dinos will range their usefulness from easier cementing paste collecting to nocturnal fighting.


New Line of Official Servers Incoming?

YouTubers and community moderator, GamerPerfection revealed today that there will be some new PvE servers joining the official ranks on December 1st. These servers will be sped up to the 2.0x rates and will probably be pretty popular with many survivors who want to play official but hate the long grind that comes with these servers. As of now these servers are for PC and PvE , however, it is hard to imagine that this won’t eventually make its way to PvP and the console shortly thereafter.

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