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[Video] Meet the Four New Dinos, Giga Receives Another Nerf

As per norm, new things have been deployed to Ark: Survival Evolved. For PC update v252.0, and likely December’s Xbox update, we got a visual trailer to see what will be involved. Of worthy note, the Achatina will find it’s way to be highly sought after due to it’s natural ability to supply cementing paste. The Pachyrhinosaurus might also find some decent use with it’s ability to ward off oncoming foes hell bent on challenging you, obviously with limits.

The Giganotosaurus Receives Another Nerf

This adjustment was not mentioned in the original posting of the notes but was later shared by Jat via Twitter:

For many, myself included, this might not be a welcomed change. The infamous giga was once known and feared throughout the game, primarily one of the endgame dinos that helped cement your dominance against other dinos and tribes. Wild gigas are strong enough to wipe bases of life and seemingly have avoided most of these nerfs. Since the nerfs have began, sometimes you might find that high bred dinos such as multiple-gen Rex’s are able to take tamed giga’s with ease.

While initial nerfs seemed likely and warranted, the recent nerfs seem to be a bit much, even for the giga. Especially with Scorched Earth Wyverns able to get airborne to keep safe from the jaws of enemy dinos. With Tek Tier around the corner, it seems likely that it’s only a matter of time before survivor might be able to take on a giga with ease themselves, sans dino assistance.


Sorry for the lateness of this news, but I wanted to make sure that it was shared to our follower. With Turkey Trials about to be wrapping up, we sure can look forward to the next event: Winter Wonderland!

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