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Ark: Survival Evolved Releases on PS4, Cross-Play Future & More

This week in general has been pretty huge for the community of Ark: Survival Evolved. This time last year, the game was release for the Xbox One console, and as of today it has release for the PlayStation 4.  The dinosaur themed game has been more than a colossal hit creating its own community that seems to be more accepting in the current gaming sphere. While you will always find bickering about what platform to play, this game in particular has seemed to find a way to go beyond the idea that one is better than the other;  after all, we are just trying to survive!

The previous few weeks have been a rollercoaster ride with holiday themes of Halloween to rabid turkeys, shortly upcoming Winter Wonderland 2 will be joining the event fray providing more items for survivors to seek out.

Ark Releases on the PlayStation 4!

While I play Ark: Survival Evolved on the Xbox One myself, I am stoked to see that my PlayStation 4 owning friends that I’ve have long in depth conversations about, will get the opportunity to play survive! The developers have been hard at work trying to pull all the necessary strings to bring this awesome creation to the PlayStation platform; hats off to all of them. PlayStation survivors get a limited time exclusive giga skin as well as manticore armor; these will be released across all platforms upon the games release [ETA Spring of 2017].

PlayStation survivors need not worry, as everything current on the Xbox version, will be concurrent on the PlayStation.

Upcoming updates for the PlayStation 4:

Current ARK PS4 Official Server Network Servers Version: v501.1

Upcoming Version: v501.2, ETA: December 9
– PS4 Pro now has 1080p option
– Europe: Primitive+ added
– Option to disable Outgoing Voice Chat (for Streamers etc)
– Fixed Invites
– Fixed N/A Ping times sorting incorrectly
– Fixed Ping times to player-hosted servers
– Fixed Cross-Ark List to display only the servers you can actually transfer to
– Fixed a case where you could get stuck in trees / foliage

[Source: Official Ark Forums PS4]

What Is Ark’s Vision For Cross-Play?

While many survivors, and the developer alike, would love to see cross-play among all platforms, changes are this will be near impossible. However, Lead Developer Jeremy Stieglitz suggested via Twitter that if successful, the PlayStation may see cross play with the Steam platform.

Ark would not be the first title to feature this cross-play feature as others games such as Rocket League and Street Fighter V currently allow PS4 and PC players to play together. Of course when this was announced, some Xbox users felt disheartened. Jeremy continued to reiterate that nothing has changed from the vision laid out for Xbox.

I’m part of two really neat communities on Facebook: Ark Survival Evolved Xbox One Community & Ark: Survival Evolved -Xbox One (English) [Which you should totally join if you play the Xbox version, as well as the Ark Station club on the Xbox Clubs App]

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