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Final Fantasy XV: Four Hidden Weapons!

Final Fantasy XV is a game that has tons of new content open up to you after completing the story. Some of that content is hunting down hidden weapons. Today we at PlayBackGaming are going to give a brief rundown on a few of these hidden weapons. Some of these are through high level end game missions so be cautious while doing these.


Cerberus Sniper Rifle and Noiseblaster Machinery Weapon

screenshot-original-20The cerberus sniper rifle can be found inside of Fort Vaullerey. The fort only becomes accessible after you complete the story then you simply drive to the fort, enter from the front and search for the weapon in one of the command rooms, it’ll be one of the shining blue objects that you can pick up off of a storage container. Cerberus is only usable by Noctis and does a decent amount of damage while giving long range advantages. It’s also worth noting that you can also find another weapon called NoiseBlaster in the fort as well in a command room and it also appears as a shining blue pickup on a table.



Sword of the Tall

screenshot-original-19The Sword of the Tall is an optional Greatsword Royal Arm that is obtained from completing the Costlemark tower dungeon. Costlesmark tower is a very lengthy dungeon with puzzles and it’s fairly high leveled. We suggest being in the 70 or 80 level range for this dungeon. At the end you will fight a boss called Jabberwock who uses petrification so come prepared for that, if you have fought a bandersnatch then this boss has that same moveset. Upon defeating the Jabberwock there will be a small cutscene of you obtaining your new weapon.



Star of the Rogue

screenshot-original-18The Star of the Rogue is a very unique weapon in that it’s a giant shuriken and a Royal Arm. This weapon is obtained by beating the Myrtwood dungeon near the Vesperpool. This particular dungeon isn’t too challenging, just make sure you’re stocked up on curatives and phoenix downs as the boss at the end can be demanding. The boss here is a Treant and while he isn’t necessarily hard, he is very agressive so dodges and parrys will help here. After defeating the Treant you can continue ahead and recieve the Star of the Rogue.


That’s all the weapons for now but, we will be posting up more weapon locations and quests as we find them. If you found this article or these weapons useful then please feel free to comment below, there’s no beed to sign up or anything. As always we want to thank everyone for your time and remember to follow for all your gaming news and have a factastic day everybody!

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  1. Great post! Very helpful ^_^


    • Dale "SLET Zero" Vanfossen // January 21, 2017 at 9:55 PM // Reply

      Happy to help!

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      • It definitely did!

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