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Ark Survival Evolved: Incoming Updates for both Console and PC Versions

It’s 2017 and the team over at Wildcard Studios are planning to ring in the new year with a bunch of new Dinos! As well as some new items and new caves along with the introduction of Tek Tier phase 1 later this month. The world of Ark is ever growing and Wildcard is starting the year out strong with content so we want to discuss some of this new content.

Console Update ETA Jan 16th
[Xbox v749.0, PS4 v503.0]

The next console update is estimated for a January 16th launch for both the Xbox One and PS4. In this update comes the introduction of a few new items like the Photographic Camera and Shocking Tranquilizer darts. There will also be two new underwater caves on the island map introduced that will play into progression and will be fully fleshed out with artifacts to retrieve. Five new dinos will also be making a debut on console with the Troodon, Pegomastax, Tusoteuthis, Cnidaria and Therizinosaurus, which are all tamable except the Cnidaria.




A Troodon is a smart and cunning predator that is tamable but not by the usual tranq and tame method. To tame a Troodon you need to bring it to base and have it feed on your tamed dinosaurs by knocking them out instead. Fighting a Troodon on foot is not advised as their bites do torpor damage and decrease your stamina, A pack is certain death and they can outrun you easily. Thankfully their aggro range is abysmally small however at night all their senses are amped and they become even more dangerous. When tamed a Troodon can scout out players, tames and traps, when the Troodon finds a player for example a logo will appear above that player marking them. As your Troodon levels up you can decide to use its experience to level up its scouting skill instead of stats.



The Pegomastax is a very interesting looking dinosaur. The Pegomastax is a thief and can come up to you and steal stuff from your inventory or last slot on your hotbar. You can get your item back by killing it and retrieving it and you can keep things safe by having them on your hotbar (EXCEPT THE LAST SLOT). Taming a Pegomastax is different from normal, to tame one you should have stacks of Mejoberrys in your inventory and put one on your last hotbar slot. After that have the Pego eat the berries and his taming bar will increase. The bigger the stack of berries the better the taming efficiency will be. Once tamed the Pego can be used as a personal cat burglar by having it steal from other players inventories. You can have it do a quick pickpocket which will have it run in and take something from a player and run away immediately or you can do a slow pickpocket which will have the Pego steal items from a player’s inventory until it’s told to stop and return.

Tusoteuthis (Giant Squid)


The Tusoteuthis (Giant Squid) is the biggest creature in the oceans of Ark as of now. The Giant Squid is tamable but it is not easy at all to do so. The Squid has an attack where it’ll grab a creature and feed on it. To tame it you will need to have something with a lot of health and have the squid grab and feed on your tame. While it’s doing that you have to get off your tame and swim between the squid’s arms and shove food into its mouth to increase its taming bar. When the Squid has a creature or player in its grasp it will paralyze, inflict torpor and absorb hp from whatever it has. Once the grabbed player or dino is knocked out the Squid will drop it. The Squid is even capable of snatching up land creatures like a T Rex and an Allosaur. The Squid can also release a cloud of ink which will blind and slow enemies for ten seconds while also making the Squid move quicker for seven seconds. When killed the Squid will drop a Tuso tentacle and Absorbent substrate.



The Cnidaria is a blue colored jellyfish creature that is untamable but killable for a certain resource. Getting close to a Cnidaria is dangerous as they are aggressive and will shock you with electricity and paralyze you until you drown. Melee weapons aren’t advisable to fight them with except pikes, Crossbows are far safer and easier to kill them with. Once harvested they drop Bio Toxin which can then be used in a Fab to make a Shocking Tranq Dart. A Shocking Tranq Dart is almost the same as a normal Tranq Dart only it’s twice as strong and shocks targets as well as applies torpor. Once another player is hit by one of these darts they are paralyzed for ten seconds if they aren’t knocked out.



The Therizino is a new tamable dino that is amazing for farming. It can farm massive amounts of fiber as well as thatch and wood. It has a bite attack that can easily get loads of berries and it has a separate leveling wheel to increase its efficiency in gathering wood, thatch, fiber and berries. The Therizino is not only great as a farm dino but is very good as a mount and can deal loads of damage. It’s comparable to a T Rex and that is a fair comparison. The attacks of each are roughly the same and while the Rex is faster, the Thero has way more stamina. A Thero is easy to tame as it’s a normal tranq and feed process but it is a very lengthy tame so be prepared for that.

Source: Xbox & PS4

PC Content Update ETA Jan 20th

This update will see the release of Tek Tier Phase 1 which includes the Tek Engram system, the Tek armor, Tek rifle, Tek Replicator and the Element resource system as well as more. The elemment resource system is what you will get element to run and use your Tek.


The next update will also finally introduce hair and beard styles! Not only that but scissors will be included as well as hair dyeing and the coolest part is that your hair will grow in real time. A new item will be introduced with the lance that will be used for jousting and there will be a staggering seven dinos added in. As these aren’t in game quite yet we can’t comment too much on their in game usefulness but we will list them and their dossiers just as we did above.


Source: Ark Official


















Phew! That was an awful lot to throw your way fellow survivors but January is shaping up to be a fantastic month in the world of Ark for all players!

We here at PlayBack Gaming are excited to what comes next in Ark and want to congratulate Wildcard for being able to do so much and making such a great game. We also want to thank any and all readers for stopping by and staying tuned to PlayBack Gaming!

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If you have any comments for us then please feel free to leave them below, you don’t need to sign up or anything. Thank you again for reading, we hope you have an amazing day and new year! Keep it tuned to for all your gaming news.

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11 Comments on Ark Survival Evolved: Incoming Updates for both Console and PC Versions

  1. How do you update the game. I have version 249.0 for PC and it is not working I need to update and hopefully it works. Please help!


  2. They will do all this for S.E. but are just letting S.O.T.F. die off 😦 feelsbadman


    • Dale "SLET Zero" Vanfossen // January 12, 2017 at 3:55 PM // Reply

      SoTF is something that needs some TLC but, I’m sure they’re prioritizing getting the base game done and out. I’m personally looking forward to the play as a dino stuff to be implemented but that’ll most likely take time.


  3. Samuel G Alterio // January 12, 2017 at 10:51 AM // Reply

    I absolutely love ARK on pc and am willing to admit it has lag issues and crazy long load times.
    Lag can happen server wide from harvesting with a bronto or other large animal, this is the worst because there is nothing we can do about it outside of modifying server side ini files to limit the amounts of harvesting by the larger animals.
    The lag going from area to area is the second type but is fixable, I upgraded my ddr3 from 12gb 1333mhz to 16gb 1600mhz. Pretty sure using the faster ram helped most.
    Stuttering while loading in a base with several real dinos happens as well, but again, can be practically eliminated by upgrading your ram amount and speed.
    Hope the info helps anyone having problems.


  4. Do they still have plans to release an Xbox One disk version of Ark Survival Evolved? If so, when?


    • Dale "SLET Zero" Vanfossen // January 12, 2017 at 3:53 PM // Reply

      I’m honestly not sure if they plan a physical release but, if they do i’d imagine it’d be a little after the full release.


  5. Get rid of the force field plz in two players


    • Dale "SLET Zero" Vanfossen // January 12, 2017 at 3:52 PM // Reply

      I agree with you on this. Running a private server on console is really rough right now and hopefully they’ll have an answer for this soon.


  6. For two players get rid of the force field plz


  7. Fix the lag issues please!!! It isn’t related to my internet it it happens to all my buddies too at the same time! It needs addressed ASAP


    • I imagine this will be on Studio Wildcard’s to-do list when they get to the point of polishing the game for it’s final release. It’s also a hard thing to do with such a persistent online world that has to continuously render new obstacles per server with the given world internet infrastructures.


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