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Sea of Thieves Showcases Importance of Cooperative Play

Sea of Thieves is currently underway in a technical test for selected folks. While the rest of us are blockaded from the experience, it hasn’t stopped the flow of Sea of Thieves news releasing from Rare. In the most recent Vidoc, the developer discussed the crucial elements of having designated roles on a cooperative team.

Sea of Thieves is one of my most anticipated games of 2017, practically the only Xbox console exclusive despite my fandom of RTS and Halo Wars 2 impending release. It’s a game that shares elements that I seek for with a unique cooperative system as well as a competitive system that is seemingly unrivaled. Coup this with open world and sprinkle it with the oft-ignored pirate theme, and you have yourself a winner.

Unlike other open world survival-esque games that I play [*cough, cough, Ark*], Sea of Thieves seems to have more elements of cooperative teamship than most. Sure, in order to be successful in a lot of open world games, you need to have a clan, or tribe, or whatever the game calls for, however they often like the reason of having designated members for specific tasks. The closest this comes to in Ark is when you have team taming for larger dinos such as giganotosaurus or quetzal taming, with tranquers, flyers and spotters. With the unique aspect that it takes a full team to successful sail the seas and find the treasures, this definitely looks to be a game that you will have an enjoyable time playing with friends.

Sea of Thieves still does not have a solid release date but is expected to release sometime in 2017 for both the Xbox One and Windows 10 PC.

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