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Visage: From the Ashes of P.T.

If you were greatly saddened by the cancellation of Silent Hills and you’re not alone. However, there is something new out there that might fill that void that was left. Visage is a new survival horror game that is (in my opinion) possibly going to be even better than the eerie, supernatural-esque P.T. The game is being made by a new developer, Sad Square Studios, which surprisingly this is their very first game. Visage originally started as a Kickstarter. If certain goals were met, they would add more to the game. In that small window of time, fans pledged $120,129 Canadian dollars which comes out to $91,370.23 in US dollars. The game takes place in a house that looks incredibly realistic thanks to Unreal Engine 4. With the VR (yes, it’s VR compatible!), it should make even the most avid Horror gamers feel a little on edge.


Visage is going to have a unique game-play and multiple endings. The story involves many entities that once lived in the house before they crossed over. Each figure you will see has their own story which you will get to witness as the game progresses. They will follow you around every corner and will be hard to avoid.  In the most recent monthly update from the developers, they talked about how there are new entities that will be even more unpredictable. There will be conversations in the game but not always in the way that you think.


Collectables! There will be collectables in the game to make it even more exciting and fun. The collectables will be very obvious references to other horror games and movies. Some references, however, will require a little extra thought.

If you enjoyed the diner in Silent Hill: Downpour, you will like the crazy places this game will take you which include endless mazes and other worldly scenes. As you go through these horrific scenarios, you will have to prevent yourself from going insane which will significantly raise the overall difficulty. There are NO TUTORIALS of how to survive in the house, so watch every move.


So when can we expect to enter this horror house? Well, the game was originally supposed to be released this January. However, after much debating, the developers decided to extend it to the second quarter of 2017. They had run into some issues going the original direction they had planned, which involved randomized events. As appealing as that sounds, they explained that it made the game seem to not progress smoothly. So they decided the best thing to do was to instead add more to the game and make it bug-free. This is definitely a game to keep an eye on. If you’re hungry for more you can hop over to their website and check out a more in depth description and get updates on what’s going on.

-“Sad Square Studios” 2016 (


1 Comment on Visage: From the Ashes of P.T.

  1. Dale "SLET Zero" Vanfossen // January 27, 2017 at 4:25 PM // Reply

    Looking forward to this and Sad Square releasing more info. Thabks for pointing this game out


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