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Nevermind: Putting Yourself In Other People’s Shoes

Nevermind is an adventure thriller game developed and published by Flying Mollusk that I had a lot of fun playing. In Nevermind, you are the main character. You have the occupation of a Neuroprober that is trying to find the source of a series of individual’s psychological problems. As a Neuroprober, you are brought into your client’s minds and relive their difficult pasts, finding memories that they forced themselves to forget.


Each client has their own unique memories which take you through surreal landscapes and grotesque scenery. In the introduction, you are simulating the story of Hansel and Gretel, which has incredible detail. Everything that was in the actual story was in the simulation, from the pebbles on the ground to the angry note from the stepmother. So with that being said, the game definitely doesn’t lack in even the littlest of details.


The game is set in first person and progresses by completing a series of puzzles and finding photos. With each puzzle you complete, the story of each individual progresses making the game constantly engaging. The stories are well thought out and realistic. Events that happened in the individual’s past are things that happen in reality, making the story more believable.  Piecing everything together to see what the root of the psychological problem is, was really fun and unique. Controls in this game get kind of difficult at times, but mainly when you need to place objects. If you don’t hear a sound when you sit an object where it’s supposed to go, it shoots back to where you first picked it up. Usually key points aren’t too far away in this game though so it still is a decently running game.


The developers did an awesome job setting the mood with the audio and visual aspects. The memories are almost like dreams; everything is brightly colored and vivid. However, when you enter into the darker areas of the mind, it’s very dry and cold. Each time you enter a new area, the music and sounds change along with the landscape. Everything overall meshed well together. However, there were some sounds that were very repetitive in difficult areas which made it more annoying than scary after a while.  I also would have liked to see a little more detail put into some of the images in the game, but I also feel it could’ve been intentional to leave some things blurry.


My final verdict is that it’s  an 8.5 out of 10  so definitely worth the $20. It’s a very entertaining game that gives you more things to do even after you complete the stories. If you’re looking for a good horror game though, this isn’t it. It makes you feel more uneasy rather than fear. If you enjoy puzzle games and surrealism, then this is a game you will definitely enjoy. Being a fan of both, I was disappointed that I wasn’t scared while playing it but it made up for it by having something I haven’t seen before.

Final verdict: 8.5 out of 10.



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