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Ark’s Remaining Dossiers of Unreleased Beasts

We are only just getting into February of this year and already Studio Wildcard has released a flurry of updates and content for Ark Survival Evolved. Among these updates has been things such as new creatures, new items, the ability to cut and grow hair and of course the long awaited Tek Tier. But even with all this new content releasing, Wildcard has released plenty of dossiers for creatures that have yet to be released. Today we want to shed some light on a few of these to show just what the future of the Ark: Survival Evolved holds for us survivors.

All of these creatures have official Dossiers that you can find over at Ark: Survival Evolve’s official gallery.



The Daeodon is a very fierce and aggressive creature called a “Hell Pig.” Daeodons are naturally aggressive and will attack whatever wonders in their path; because of this even Daeodons own predators will often times leave it alone. When tamed a Daeodon will eat food at an alarming rate because of its metabolism making it hard to maintain as a tame. Strangely enough however, that metabolism makes it so that a Daeodon heals very rapidly and even more strange, is the ability of the Daeodon to make other creature and people around it also heal rapidly.



The Leed is a fish of enormous proportions and is naturally very elusive. Tales have been told around the island of an exceptionally rare breed of Albino Leed that has driven many a survivor insane as they’ve pursued it. A Leed is very difficult to track down but worth a hunt as they’re meat is very sought after. While a Leed is not smart enough to properly tame, plenty of tribes have learned to capture one so they can keep it and cultivate its prime fish.



The Megalania is one of the largest cave dwelling creature on the island. It’s naturally aggressive with a nasty venomous bite that will poison anything unfortunate enough to get bitten. The poison will drain the Megalanias victim of their health and strength until death unless cured by a rare antidote. The Megalania has the very unique ability to climb vertically up cave walls and surfaces. This makes them a very sought after and valuable tame for tribes.



The Megatherium is a giant sloth and among the island’s largest mammals. Due to its size and girth the Megatherium is highly resistant to being knocked out and tamed. Megatherium are herbivores by nature but enjoy hunting and eating all insects on the island. They do this with such dexterity that they don’t damage the chitin of insects making them great for farming chitin.



The Kentrosaurus is a smaller relative of the Stegosaurus but it is much more dangerous especially in a group. Kentrosaurus is covered in giant sharp spikes all over its body and these spike are so sharp that often times when a predator attacks a Kentrosaurus they hurt themselves in the process. Kentrosaurus are extremely dangerous when they attack and have been known to hit so hard with their tail that they’ve impaled larger creatures. When Kentrosaurus is in a pack they get increasingly more aggressive and will defend an ever larger area. While Kentrosaurus is unable to be ridden thanks to its spikes, a group makes a very good defensive measure for any tribe.



The Inguanodon is a very curious creature that can be found in the grasslands or forest of the island. The Inguanodon has the unique ability to change its form of locomotion. Naturally it’s a slow creature walking on all four legs but in an emergency it can immediately shift to its two hind legs and run much faster. While on its back legs an Inguanodon can attack rapidly with the very unusual thumb spikes on its hands. When on all fours it has a seemingly endless supply of stamina even while sprinting. The Inguanodon is very good at farming berries and picking the seeds out of those berries. That ability coupled with an Inguanodons naturally high carry weight and defensive abilities make them great farming creatures.

These creatures are all very unique and should be interesting additions to the game. If any of these creatures caught your eye or if we happened to show you something new then comment below, there’s no need to sign up at all. We hope you all enjoyed the creatures shown above and a want to give a big thank you for reading.

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If you have any comments for us then please feel free to leave them below, you don’t need to sign up or anything. Thank you again for reading, we hope you have an amazing day and new year! Keep it tuned to for all your gaming news.

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