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Hello Neighbor: Comedy and Horror combined.

When you move in to a house, you walk around the neighborhood, meet your neighbors, and stare into their houses to see what they do on a daily basis. When you find out that one of them might be hiding something in their basement, the most logical thing to do is to break into their house and see what’s up, right? According to Hello Neighbor, that’s a great idea!


Hello Neighbor is an upcoming PC stealth-horror game that’s developed by Dynamic Pixels and published by TinyBuild Games. The game looks similar to a Pixar movie but definitely still has the horror elements in it. There is no release date or rating yet, since it’s still in early development, but it looks like it will be fun for all ages.


The main goal of the game is to find out what your neighbor is hiding in his basement and not get caught. Your neighbor is an advanced AI character that learns from every object you throw and every step you take.  He will then counter those moves with traps and other tactics to work against you. If he spots you, he will chase you down even if he has to break his own windows to catch you. He is very relentless so you have to try to quickly find a hiding place or find an escape route out of the house.


A lot of the items in the game are used to make noises, tamper with other objects, open doors, and break things to either get to another part of the house or distract your neighbor. There are plenty of places to hide in his house you just have to make sure you have them ready just in case he comes around the corner.



The neighbors house is huge compared to your tiny, one room home. There are tons of rooms, but only one has the item to get into the basement. It also looks (in the trailer) as if your neighbor is a hoarder and uses that to his advantage. He will pile his things up so you can’t escape unless you find another way or start throwing his things out of the way.


With all the different things you can do in the game and the fact that there is an advanced AI, it looks like this will be an awesome, hilarious game. If this sounds like a game you might be interested in, there is a free alpha download on the Hello Neighbor website. You can also buy early alpha access which gives you newer updated versions of the original alpha. Keep in mind though that the game is still in the early stages of development. This is definitely a game to look out for.


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