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Agony: Escape or Suffer for Eternity

What is hell like?

Everyone has their own idea of a “personal hell”. It could be stepping on Legos, reliving troubling times, or screaming children. The actual hell is much different though from Agony’s perspective. It has tunnels and rooms made of body parts, bones, and other gory, unattractive things.  If you are sent to the fiery pits, are you going to be able to escape?

Agony is a Survival Horror Game being developed by Madmind Studio and published by PlayWay. The game is being made by a team of developers that have worked on games such as The Division, Witcher 3, and more. It is set to release in Q2 2017 and looks like something out of your worst nightmares.


You are a tormented soul trying to escape hell. The main goal of the game is to get out by possessing demons and projecting your soul into other bodies that are suffering there with you. As you can imagine, hell is crawling with demons. Get caught by them and you will have to quickly move your soul into another body before you are doomed to stay there forever. To avoid getting caught you must sneak and hold your breath around them. In one of the most recent trailers it looks as if you might be able to fight off certain demons as well.


The look of this game is absolutely incredible. In the gameplay videos, I thought I was looking at a trailer just because of the overall quality of the game. From the wet and slimy guts and gore to the burnt and charred skin, no details are left out.  If you have a weak stomach this might not be a game you will feel comfortable playing.  Looks wouldn’t be quite as frightening though without the sound. You can hear squeals and sobbing all around you as well as echoes from anything that falls or is thrown.


For all the mythology buffs out there, it also looks like the game has some references to certain myths in history from all different cultures. There are “goddess statues” (which I haven’t seen any clues yet as to what they might be used for), torture, different types of demons, and strange symbols throughout. I’m excited to see what all I can catch on to in this game and maybe even learn a little bit more from the symbology.


This game looks like it’s going to be another amazing survival horror game upcoming in 2017. It will be available on Steam, Xbox, and PS4. One final perk is that when you start the game, you can start by saying, “Not today Satan. Not today.”


1 Comment on Agony: Escape or Suffer for Eternity

  1. Good post. After seeing someone play the demo in front of me, I knew this game was destined to make an impact. The guys over at Madmind was working hard on delivering a hellish product and I’ll be damned if they aren’t doing just that.


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