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Ark Update to Introduce NEW Breeding Mechanics and Tek Gear!

Breeding, Tek & Caves! Oh my!

With a little over a week to go, the next update for Ark: Survival Evolved on PC looks to be expanding more Tek and more breeding mechanics. The ETA is expected to hit PC/Steam on March 29th. This update will most likely follow to the consoles in the month of April, as most updates do.

For PC v256 will introduce another four prehistoric creatures to the Ark.





NEW Breeding Mechanics Incoming!

One of the most anticipated, and highly sought after, mechanics will finally be hitting The Ark. For far too long your sea life and amphibious creatures wandered the waters without the ability to have offspring. Finally, the breeding mechanic will be making its way allowing survivors to hatch eggs by each respective creature. This will only leave the arthropods as the only tameables that will not deliver offspring. Perhaps the beezlebufo will make its return as a trollers favorite mount?

More Tek

Tek looks to ramp up it’s offering with the introduction of Tek Teleporters, the Tek Mosasaur saddle and Tek Power Generators.

The Tek Teleporter, in all of its obviousnous, will give survivors the ability to teleport from one pad to another. The range looks to be infinite space between each other on the given map so you won’t have to worry about how far away. This will come more in handy for those needing a quick transport from one location to another without being spotted or having to drop your gear for PvP situations.

The Tek mosasaur saddle, like the Tek Rex saddle will look to increase the effectiveness of your Mosasaur in the depths of the waters. On a personal note, it’s interesting to see that the Mosasaur was chosen as the sea creature to receive the first tek saddle as they are already the dominate sea mount and have saddle platforms available to them. I would have preferred to see something like the Megalodon receive “fricken lasers”

The Tek power Generator will also make its debut to the Ark. While power will be an obvious for these items, it seems their primary use will be for building underwater bases. Given this, we also know that Tek Underwater Bases will ALSO be coming with v256. Lastly, we will also see Tek Cave finally make their appearance, giving survivors more exploration and collectibles to go after.

Source: Ark Forums

We here at PlayBack Gaming are excited to what comes next in Ark and want to congratulate Wildcard for being able to do so much and making such a great game. We also want to thank any and all readers for stopping by and staying tuned to PlayBack Gaming!

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