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Destiny 2 Is Finally Acknowledged By Bungie

Destiny 2 media has us all peaked... admit it.

While we knew that Destiny 2 was an inevitable piece of Bungie’s future, today marks the first official regard to Destiny 2 media. Just a bit ago, the official Destiny twitter page unveiled the official media, which was simple but also leads to some speculation of what to expect.

Again, Destiny 2 was already bound to happen, we all know this. The excitement comes more so in the sense of what you can take away from the shared image.

From the given image, you see the city that is protected by the traveler on fire, but also the traveler itself seems to have patched it’s bottom side up. Does this mean that the traveler has gathered some of its strength back? Is the city under siege? Is it a new threat? Is it the Cabal!? Only time will tell, but for now we only have speculation.

So to fuel that speculation let’s watch a video by Arekkz talking about rumored leaks:

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