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Ark To Overhaul Menus & More

This update just keeps getting better and better!

Another day passes by and more Ark news surfaces. With the next impending update for PC coming soon, lead designer Jeremy Stieglitz took to Twitter to show off the new menu design that will be incoming with the update. If anything needed a massive overhaul, it definitely was the menu system!

If you look closely there are also a couple other things to point out such as the tame limit, which was said to be out of 2 just as a trial to ensure it works. The time and temperature gauges also seem to be easier to find over the old system. Organization seems to be much cleaner and stacking also seems to be more user friendly. Prior to this, survivors required mods in order to keep the inventory friendly.

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The news also brings notice that flyer mounts will be receiving a nerf [again]. The update will require more time to go through QA so as of now the PC update has been postponed a day long to March 30th.

As a bonus, we did get to see a developer kit sneak peak of how cool it looks to ridean Equus looking like Clint Eastwood!

We here at PlayBack Gaming are excited to what comes next in Ark and want to congratulate Wildcard for being able to do so much and making such a great game. We also want to thank any and all readers for stopping by and staying tuned to PlayBack Gaming!

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If you have any comments for us then please feel free to leave them below, you don’t need to sign up or anything. Thank you again for reading, we hope you have an amazing day and new year! Keep it tuned to for all your gaming news.

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2 Comments on Ark To Overhaul Menus & More

  1. Tell you what, we get asked this a lot. Keep posted and we will put up sime breeding guides to help you learn the curves for these situations.


  2. Hi there ark world just want to know has there been a over haul on the dinos breeding us which I have a part of Therizinosaurus that have good stats but the baby keep coming out with half the stats that the parent have can some one help me out with this plz I play in serever 141 island


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