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Destiny 2 Teaser: Last Call with Cayde-6

Ever since yesterday, guardians and Destiny fans alike have been waiting for more details on what will be in Destiny 2. Welp, we didn’t have to wait long to get the first teaser, and boy can I tell you…. I’M STOKED! Plus the worldwide trailer will hit on Thursday, March 30th!

If there is one thing most Destiny fans can agree on, it is the fact that we all want to see more Cabal action. We’ve seen plenty of the Hive, plenty of Fallen and Vex. However, the Cabal seemed ever elusive to who they really are. One of my wishes seems like it may be granted: Destiny 2 should start with the Cabal invading and kicking our asses. I mean, we pretty much evict them from Mars and blow their ship up when they were taking on the Taken (say that two times fast).

The unfortunate news is that this will once again come with timed exclusive content for the PlayStation where the Xbox, and now PC, will be taking a year long wait in order to play any of this content. Look, I’m all for incentives such as exclusive cosmetics, however, if this turns out to be (and I fully anticipate it to be) more missions, strikes and/or Raids, it will really leave a sour taste.

Nonetheless, let the hype begin!

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