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Perception: Blind and Alone.

A blind spin on horror

You are blind and alone in an abandoned house that is haunted. The only way you can “see” is by using echolocation, but the house around you is changing and there is something evil lurking around the corner.



Perception is a game being developed by The Deep End Games and published by Feardemic. It is being brought to life by master PC and console developers who have contributed to games like Bioshock, Bioshock Infinite and Dead Space. They are taking a completely different approach to horror games by having a main character that is blind. You can only “see” if there is an object that makes a noise or from a tap of your cane. Do not make too much noise because the Presence is right around the corner.


You play as a woman named Cassie who cannot stop thinking about the dreams she has been having.  She finds herself walking in an abandoned house in Echo Bluff. In her dream she finds objects of significance but she is not sure what the significance is yet; it is your job to figure it out. Cassette tapes are scattered throughout the house as well as ghosts that give you clues and help the story progress.



The house changes as you uncover the eras of wrongdoings that happened there. Watching your step and being cautious about how much sound you make is important to keep yourself away from the Presence. If you end up making too much noise you can either find a place to hide, use the objects in the house, or use your smart phone to distract it and escape unharmed.


The smartphone Cassie carries can scan journal entries and other objects that have text on them in the house. Once scanned, an app on her phone will read back what it says and explain what certain things might be used for. The phone will also receive verbal messages that her contacts can send to her.



This game still does not have a definite release date but it is set to be released sometime this year. I am really excited to see what interesting things this game will have. Playing as a blind character will definitely be a new thing in horror gaming and I have a feeling a lot of games will pick up on in the future. It scheduled to be released on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch.


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