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Today Is My Birthday: A newly announced horror game on Steam

Today is your birthday and your father that has passed, used to always take you to the amusement park on this day. In remembrance you decide to go there, but you’re not alone.


Today Is My Birthday is a horror game in early development by Wonder Games. It was just announced and is already getting a lot of attention. You play as a photographer that gets caught by a former garbage man. The garbage man runs electricity through the amusement park and isn’t happy about your visit.


The teaser, Today Is My Birthday: Episode One, was also released recently and it seems as though escaping will be key. As you roam around your captor tries to find you, armed with a chainsaw and covered in blood. In the video, he drops cell phone into a pile of other phones from possibly other “intruders”. He also seems to live there and has pictures of clowns in his house for an unknown reason.


There isn’t much out about the game yet but it looks pretty terrifying. I’m excited to see what other news comes out over time. There is going to be a demo released on Steam in June with the full game set for release at the end of 2017. The only platform right now looks to be Steam but hopefully more information is released soon.


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