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Ark Survival Evolved Pc Patch v257 Information!

It’s almost the end of april and Studio Wildcard is continuing to roll out a bunch of updates for Ark Survival evolved. There’s currently a patch in cert for console players that aims to add Tek Underwater Bases and other things but, today we will be covering the v257 update coming to pc users on the 30th. The lastest pc update aims to add in four new dinos, a few new Tek structures, one Tek weapon and a host of new gameplay mechanics. Lets get a quick rundown of the dinos being added first.


The first of the new creatures being added in is the Giant Bee. Survivors will find nests of these out in the wild and should be extremely cautious when approaching them. The Drone Bees will be untamable and will be able to sting a player or dino multiple times weakening it each time. If a survivor can last through the drones, crack open the nest and find the Queen then they can tame the Queen bee. Having a tamed Queen will allow her to make a nest for the player that will produce honey. Players will only be able to access the honey however if they wear special be keeping armor but, the honey will be valuable as it seems to be a good food source for healing herbivores.



Next will be the Daeodon which belongs to a family of entelodont referred to as the Hellpigs. Daeodon will be tamable and rideable by survivors but is yet again dangerous out in the wild. When tamed the Daeodon will eat constantly and rapidly but it heals itself very rapidly as well as others around it at a slower pace. Depending on just how fast the healing is a Daeodon could become a very important tame to have on all servers.



There’s only one aquatic creature being added in with this newest update and that will be the Liopleurodon. Liopleurodon will be a mid sized ocean creature that will be tamable and rideable. In the wild it’s too lazy to pursue prey if it misses its first bite so it won’t be too dangerous to deal with. When tamed it won’t be exceptionally fast or strong but, it’ll greatly extend how long survivors can breath underwater making it very useful for farming oil and silica pearls.



Lastly, the Kentrosaurus will be added which is a relative of the stegosaurus. Kentrosaurus is far more deadly however as it is much more aggressive, especially in herds, and is covered in spikes some of which can impale whatever it attacks. Kentrosaurus can be tamed but not ridden but, they’ll make very very good defense measures.

The Tek structures being added in are the Tek Cloning Chamber, Tek Megalodon Saddle (Laser Sharks!!!) and the Tek turret and the weapon being added is the Tek grenade. A brand new Tek cave and Volcano will also be added in this update.

Also added in will be the highly anticipated “ascension” gameplay progression mechanic which has been described by Studio Wildcard as Arks “endgame”. Accompanying that will also be more UI overhauls, new hair and facial styles, 20 more new explorer notes and 15 new music tracks added into biomes.

That’s all we have for now fellow survivors, as big fans of Ark we are excited to see how this patch plays out! If this article informed or helped you out in anyway then please leave a comment below. There’s no need to sign up to do so feel free to chat Ark with us! Make sure to keep it tuned to for all you Ark Survival Evolved news. As always everyone thank you for reading and we wish you all a fantastic day.

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