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Darksiders 3 is finally announced for 2018!

If you’re anything like me then you love the idea of the four horsemen of the apocalypse being set free on demons and angels alike in a video game. Of course I’m talking about the Darksiders series which has put you in control of War And Death so far. The youngest and oldest of the four horsemen respectively, both with distinct playstyles and stories. For a long while there has been concerns about a sequel after Darksiders 2 released because of THQ selling of a fair amount of IPs such as Darksiders, Juiced and Destroy All Human.


Thankfully during THQs auction Nordic games snatched up the Darksiders IP and it wasn’t too long after that that we saw a small resurgence in its community. In 2015 Nordic along with Gunfire Games released Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition, this included all the previous dlc content as well as reworks to the Rune System, Loot Overhauls, Graphical Improvements and general quality of life changes. Not only did doing this show that the community was still there and wanted more darksiders, it also sparked a rekindling in not only the community but in Nordic games as well. The next year they then released Darksiders the warmastered edition which got the same treatment. Nordic doing those games left the community wanting more information about anything Darksiders 3 but they were very tight lipped about the whole thing. As a huge fan of the series, having bought every game, read the comics, having all the special editions and collecting even the strategy guides, I am incredibly excited for Darksiders 3 but what do we know about it so far?


It’s being made by the same team as the first two games, Nordic and Gunfire who helped with the remasters. It’ll be releasing sometime in 2018 but a window hasn’t been said quite yet. In Darksiders 3 the story will focus on Fury who is the sister in the four horsemen. She’s described as a mage who can use her powers to change forms but she’s also very deadly with her whip. In the trailer we see her tasked by the Charred Council to hunt down and kill the Seven Deadly Sins. We see a chained up War being accused of breaking the seals and jump starting the apocalypse by the Charred Council which is fascinating. War being there raises many questions about when this game will be taking place amongst the other two. Unfortunately we don’t know more than that at the time but, PlayBackGaming will be covering this game very heavily so make sure to stay tuned.

Tell us what you think about Darksiders 3 in the comments below. Are you happy it’s Fury in this one or would you have liked to see Strife instead? Are you excited about the game or understandably cautious? Remember you don’t have to sign up to comment so we would love to hear your thoughts or questions. Below will be the debut trailer of Darksiders 3 via IGN so make sure to watch and also make sure to keep it tuned to for all your Darksiders and gaming news, thank you for reading everyone and as always have a brilliant day.

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