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Is Modern Warfare Remastered Receiving A Standalone Release?

Last year, with the release of Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, one of the most beloved games to the Call of Duty franchise was coupled with the remastering of Modern Warfare. The unfortunate part of this was the fact that Activision stated that you NEEDED to have Infinite Warfare in order to play the remastered title. This was a major bummer, especially for those who wanted Modern Warfare but not have to be subject to whatever Activision’s next release to the series would be.

According to a posting on Gamefly, it looks as if Activision may be changing their tone. VG24/7 reported that the listing showed that Modern Warfare would be released as a standalone for both the PS4 and the Xbox One. Though they did suggest use a grain of salt with this as there could be a chance that this was accidentally posted as such.

However, operating under the pretext Gamefly has the release for Modern Warfare listed as June 30th, and a month later for the Xbox One on July 30th. Chances are we will learn about this at E3.

So are you interested in a late release to Modern Warfare Remastered?

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