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Outlast 2 Review: What just happened?

Outlast 2 is a survival horror game that was developed and published by Red Barrels. The premise of this sequel is about a cameraman named Blake Langermann who ends up in a crazy situation after a helicopter crash with his wife and the two pilots. He finds the two pilots dead and his wife missing and it is his goal to find and save her from the people who kidnapped her.


The first few chapters of Outlast 2 were amazing and really terrifying. The fact you don’t have any weapons and can only run or hide is awesome and something not a lot of horror games do.  Paying close attention to detail and staying calm in this game are required to advance the story. The crawl spaces and openings are small and hard to see with the monochromatic night-vision and people chasing you. You will die a lot if you are not aware of your surroundings.



How everything looks in this game is absolutely flawless. The movement of the water, cloth, and plants makes the environment feel super real. Even the vomit and blood look sickening but really well done. The sounds however, get annoying and the background music is incredibly distracting.



That being said, I feel like everything after the first few chapters just got old. There was too much running which made it feel repetitive. In a lot of areas, the developers didn’t give much direction as to where to go and the characters are just downright frustrating. I wasn’t sure if the white light was going to get me to the next part or a crawl space was. I felt almost let down because the game’s release date was extended so I expected a little more.


The mechanics in this game are also a bit of an issue. Trying to crawl through windows didn’t work unless perfectly centered. Instead, your character would dodge around or jump in front of it. Peeking out of barrels sometimes resulted in you quickly jumping out of them. Small brush and rocks on the ground would also block you from moving forward. The running, however, was kind of cool. The fact that I could move at sonic speed helped me get out of tough situations.


Lastly, the story was okay but the ending was just weird. I wish that the developers would’ve done the cult areas a little differently; I feel like how they did it was too cliché. The white light that transitioned certain areas got a little confusing and the camera footage was vague. Alternatively, the school was really well put together and was more consistent than the main part of the story. I felt like I was able to understand it better and it kept me more on edge.


Overall, I felt like this game was unfortunately disappointing but really beautiful looking. There was a lot more that could’ve been done with the cult theme to make it scarier. Hopefully, if there is a next one, they will do something similar to the first Outlast in a school.


Final Verdict: 6 out of 10


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