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Iron Lords Gaming EP 17 ft Lord Inferno217 and Ebontis: E3 Conference Series PT 2: Nintendo, Destiny 2 Reveal and 60 FPS Fiasco.


E3 Conference Series PT 1: Nintendo, Destiny 2 Reveal and 60 FPS Fiasco

Welcome to the Iron Lords Gaming, join Lord addict, Lord Cognito, Lord swat and Lord Slet every Tuesday as we discuss the latest in the Gaming Industry.

Facebook Group Destiny Tower

Bungie Clans: Channel 5

Listen to us on iTunes! Here you will be able to hear out entire backlog of episodes!


Iron Lords Podcast
Lord Addict
Lord Cognito
Lord Slet

About Dale "LordZeroILP" Vanfossen (59 Articles)
Dale is a hardcore gamer and nerd at heart. He played his very first game at the age of three and fell in love with the hobby ever since. Dales a huge destiny fan and is part of IronLordsPodcast.

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