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Vampyr: Revisiting E3 Gameplay

At E3, I had the pleasure of seeing gameplay of Vampyr through Focus Home Interactive. I previously wrote an article about it and was super excited to see what the game looked like. So without further ado, here is the awesomeness I got to see at E3.

Like Dontnod’s previous game Life is Strange, it is a narrative driven RPG in a ghostly city. You have to make big decisions that can drastically affect the game. There are different things you can discover about each citizen in the 1918 London City. Sacrificing more important characters in the game gives you more XP. however, killing these  characters causes major changes in the environment the next day. Vampyr has multiple endings, each depending on the sequence of actions you decide to take. Don’t forget vampires need formal invitation to enter homes.


Gaining experience [XP] is a big part of the game. You will need it to buy the many abilities that you can use throughout the story to make it more interesting. Drinking from sick people will give you less XP while drinking from a healthy person will give you more. Make sure you’re not in view of the guards, they are keen and out for the kill. If you run into them, you will have to fight them. Fighting in this game is fast and smooth. There are certain abilities that will allow you to do different moves while fighting. If you find yourself out of health and ability points, you can quickly drink a small amount of blood to restore. Also, be on the lookout for Skals. They are vampires who have drank too much unhealthy blood and have become aggressive.


If you find yourself lost in the game you can use “vampire vision” to find a blood trail. Blood trails will help you find clues to different parts in the story line. There will be people who you find along the way that you need to pay close attention to. Vampire vision can help you look at a person’s heartbeat to see if they are about to make a big decision that will affect the game. This will also help you to see whether or not they are trustworthy.


When you enter a new area, you will see if it is dangerous or not. For example, the doctors office is sacred ground so no blood can be shed inside the building. Other areas in the game are not as safe. The more unstable the area, the more fighting or sneaking you will have to do. If you want to avoid fighting then teleporting will be the best option. You can teleport onto balconies to sneak through houses or spy on conversations between guards. Avoiding fights will be difficult but the game could be interesting if most of the citizens can be spared.


Seeing this gameplay only makes me more anxious for this game to come out. The game will be available November 2017 on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


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