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Ark Survival Evolved Release date announced and Ragnarok Map!

Ragnarok is a stunning map that brings new discoveries, creatures and much needed and appreciated freshness to Ark!


It’s been a while since there was some really big Ark news and with E3 a few weeks ago, Studio Wildcard decided it was time to shed some light on a lot of things to come for Ark. Firstly, Ark now has an official release date of August 8th 2017, It’ll be available digitally and physically with a collectors edition that includes a soundtrack, all the creature dossiers made into a book and a necklace. Along with the release date they announced Ragnarok as the first mod coming out of the official mod program. There’s alot that the map offers including new tames and bosses. Studio Wildcard also announced that there will be three more expansions the size of Scorched Earth releasing soon after Arks officially available. They didn’t tease what theme they may have but people have been itching for a mythical ark or an exclusively underwater ark for a while now so here’s hoping.


Now let’s talk about Ragnarok and everything the map will offer and include with it. Ragnarok is already officially available on PC with the console release planned for the week of the 10th for consoles after an unfortunate delay. Ragnarok mixes and blends together elements and features of the Island, Scorched Earth and brand new biomes together to give players an all new experience with new biomes to discover and survive. Everything from the snow biome to the barren desert and rain forests is included in this one map. Along with that Ragnarok also offers a ton of new environmental changes as well such as an active volcano, active hot springs, growing and harvestable crops and resources throughout the map, explorable ruins, unique tree platform locations and crates throughout the island you can break to get random loot and more.


Ragnarok offers even more than all that though and delivers some awesome new things that seasoned survivors will be sure to find alluring. There are brand new dungeons with all new dungeon bosses that are completely different and offer up their own challenges to defeat. There are also new creature such as Polar Bears, Ice Wyverns and tamable Griffins! Griffins are brand new to Ark and the model for them is gorgeous just like the entire map. Also Ragnarok offers all of this new content and it is completely free to everyone! Once it’s released for consoles it’ll be a simple download and you’re good to go, no purchase necessary. It’s also worth noting that all of this content is included in Ragnarok and the map isn’t even done yet, there will be even more biomes and creatures coming as the authors work on the map so it’ll be evolving over time which is pretty cool.


So Survivors make sure to give Ragnarok a try, especially when it lands on consoles in a week. It’s a stunningly gorgeous map with tons of brand new mechanics and things to discover that offers a good fresh feel to Ark. Also make sure to Pre-order your collectors editions of Ark which you can find at Jesse, a Co Founder of Studio Wildcard has said after the collectors editions are done and sold out that they’re planning a way to offer the collectors edition goodies for those that already have the game and supported it through early access who don’t want to rebuy Ark. That’s a smart and generous move on their part as many devs wouldn’t go that extra mile for the people who supported them throughout. Let us know if this article has taught you something about Ragnarok and all this Ark news and if you’re excited for any of it! Feel free to comment below and spark a conversation with any of us, no sign ups are needed to comment at all. Thanks again everyone for reading and I, personally, apologize for my absence but I’ll be back in the swing of things. As always everyone thank you again, keep it tuned to for all your Ark and gaming news and have a wonderful day.

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