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Opinion: Should Studio Wildcard Wipe Official Servers?

Will Studio Wildcard wipe the official server upon release?

One of the biggest questions remaining with the servers upon the release of Ark: Survival Evolved on August 8th. For those playing in the preview & early access status we have been finding ways to survive for nearly two years. However, it is hard to deny that certain issues such as the long-standing duping matter has been creating a bit of frustration for many players of Official servers.

It was stated last summer of 2016 that the official servers would not be receiving a server wipe, relieving many worries that all the hours of hard work would lay to waste of a developer’s deletion. However, this was nearly a year ago and times, as well as feelings can change.


Recently, an interview with MMOHuts, Darren Henderson of Studio Wildcard, the question was brought up once again. Peculiarly, it left a sentiment that Wildcard might be changing their stance on wiping the servers. I do have to give my good friend Dr. Ketchup a quick shout out for sharing this video with me.



As you heard from the interview, it’s still up for discussion with no definitive answer. One thing is for certain, it is a 50/50 shot. On my personal take, it seems that there might be a good chance that servers may receive the same treatment that any other game in a testing and beta status receives. Another argument that is made at the pro-wipe is that right now, Wildcard already has current players money. For new players, it is obvious that the entry point to the game for them will be at a severe disadvantage.


The story doesn’t end there. Just today, another developer at Studio Wildcard took to twitter to continue to swirl the confusion of whether the game would be receiving a wipe on official servers.

Wait, so they are not wiping the servers? Oh, my mistake, that tweet was deleted and replaced removing the idea of not wiping the server.

So here is where we are at. Ark Survival Evolved releases on August 8th. The Ragnarok DLC releases on July 4th for consoles, and present on the PC currently. Pending whether if the servers will be reset.

If I were Studio Wildcard, I would stick to their guns of confusion until the week leading to launch of the full game. Right now, as a preview member to the game everything was already at risk to be wiped. Hell, on the PC it happened quite often early in the games beginnings of Steam.

I originally was against the wipe, however, after seeing how the game has progressed, I truly believe it would be for the better.

While it might be at dismay and risk to the games current population, it will be better in the long run. With duping a serious issue, I cannot see a reason that official servers shouldn’t be wiped. Duping and DDoS issues at that point won’t rely solely on Wildcard, but also with the assistance of the security teams of Xbox Live and PSN. Cheaters, cheat at your own risk at that point.

If the wipe does happen I believe that the developer should consider something as a bonus for current players. Whether that be a purely exclusive skin that cannot be lost? Or maybe a bonus for the first month of experience, gathering, taming speed and even breeding times for imprinted baby dinos?

What do you all think? Should Studio Wildcard wipe the official servers? What do you think would be a fair reward for the longtime survivors of Ark? Let me know in the comment section below.

Also check out a recent Ark conversation had on PlayBack Gaming’s very own Iron Lords Podcast:

We here at PlayBack Gaming are excited to what comes next in Ark and want to congratulate Wildcard for being able to do so much and making such a great game. We also want to thank any and all readers for stopping by and staying tuned to PlayBack Gaming!

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