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E3 2017 Experience: 15,000 Too Many

Every hardcore gamer dreams about going to E3 including me. So this year I had the opportunity of going and have been asked a lot about my time there. My answer has always been consistent. It was awesome don’t get me wrong, but it was absolute chaos.

Standing in front of the doors of the convention center that first day was a breathtaking moment. Seriously, I could hardly breathe. There were so many people in the area. I have gone to crowded concerts, parties, and bars and have NEVER in my LIFE felt so claustrophobic. Once entering the doors it only got worse. This E3 there were 15,000 consumer passes sold. Since this is the first time that they have done this, no one knew what to expect. Sure, selling that many consumer passes generated a lot of revenue; but when the exhibitors are talking about possibly not participating next year because of the idiocy of some of the convention goers there is something wrong.


Some of the individuals with consumer passes were extremely nice and professional. They knew that where they were at was special event in which businesses, publishers, and developer studios could show off the new things they are working on.  Others however, were rude, stealing, and acting out when they didn’t get their way. For example, at the Alienware booth there were people leaning on the computer towers that are easily over $2,000.


So my first day mainly consisted of making appointments, meeting other writers, youtubers, and running into some people from publishing companies. Oddly enough I met a lot of these awesome people after escaping the show floor (I almost passed out from the computer/body heat at the Microsoft booth). They all shared the same views as I did and ended up leaving early. Most were talking about not coming back. Which made me have hope that many others had the same thoughts and would lighten the crowd the next day.

crowd 1

The Second day of E3 was a lot smoother after finding out there was a separate entrance that we would have better luck at. I FINALLY got to play games and talk to the exhibitors without being pushed out of the way or interrupted. I had appointments to see gameplay for games like: Life is Strange: Before the Storm, Vampyre, and A Plague Tale. The games where I actually had the controller in my hands were: Yakuza 6, Destiny 2, and some smaller Indie games. The people at the booths were so humble and welcoming which was a breath of fresh air after the first day.


So in all honesty E3 was awesome but exhausting. The most fun was getting to meet a lot of cool people and the events prior such as: EA play, Monstercat, and The PC Gaming Show. I would LOVE to go again next year but if a mass amount of consumer passes are sold I might reconsider. Leaving with a good note, the games! There were so many great games announced this year! There are so many that I am super excited about. What games are you looking forward to this year? Let me know in the comments or send me a tweet on twitter @FSPandaFTW.


Shout out to the Iron Lords Podcast!



1 Comment on E3 2017 Experience: 15,000 Too Many

  1. I guess that’s just the pros and cons of opening up such a popular event to public access. E3 previously went industry-only after it became all too much, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the same was demanded again of the organisers a few years down the line.


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