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Vostok Inc.: Upcoming Indie Game Review

If you have ever wanted to be the richest individual in the world I’m sure you are not alone. What about the richest person in the universe? Vostok Inc is an upcoming indie game developed by NoseBleed Interactive and Published by BadLand Games. It is hilarious but simple and challenging. Beware though it is super addicting.


You play as a newly appointed CEO of Vostok Inc. who is an avaricious entrepreneur. Your goal is to raise enough moolah by killing enemies and blasting asteroids to start building on other planets for even more profit. Along the way you can find managers, executives, and investors floating out in space to boost your income by a percentage. Make sure your executives stay satisfied or they won’t work as hard. After all, you have all this money why not shower them with gifts, drinks, and free food right?



The game is set up a lot like a newer, expanded version of the 1979 game Asteroids. There are enemies that will pop up while you are exploring the different solar systems. Some of these enemies will send you into a special challenge that can help you to earn loads of moolah. Be prepared for some of these challenges to be a little difficult though. After you have done all the upgrades you feel that you need, you can head over to the boss battle.  You need to make sure that you have enough health and energy before you fly into the chaos. If you die without defeating the boss you will have to start over. Once you defeat the boss you can find the nearest wormhole and travel to another solar system.


Want to make extra-terrestrial beings your friends? With certain weapon combinations you can do that. You have three slots to put weapon upgrades. Mixing these slots with different weapon types allows you to create a totally new even cooler weapon. From a simple single-shot stream to a friendship beam, you are covered for whatever the universe throws at you.


I think the most fun part of this game is the comedy in everything. I caught myself laughing at the dialogue and descriptions of things quite a bit. Each solar system has its own special characteristics and comedic flair. I have had so much fun playing this game and it looks like the developers had fun making it. If being a filthy-rich CEO who blows things up and explores space appeals to you then you will love this game. Vostok Inc. will be available July 27th on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.

character art

Overall rating: 9.5 out of 10



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