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A Farewell Post From PlayBack Gaming

Beginnings is the end is the beginning...

For the past five years, it has been our pleasure at PlayBack Gaming to continue to bring our readers, viewers and fans wonderful content across various industries. From the beginning we set out to be something different, something we felt needed. At the time, the gaming industry was developing a toxic stigma that eventually sprouted out a vicious console war, the infamous gamer-gate scandals and a distrust among gamers and media outlets. We wanted to break through all of that, and deliver unfiltered opinions and news that did not taint the readers perception. While I will hold a bias to that, I believe it was something that we successfully achieved.

For five years, I’ve had the pleasure of running teams that have gone on to do successful ventures themselves as well as become prominent figures in the games media. From Bella Ryse & company, to my small team now, I know that everyone who has ever published work for PBG is proud of what they have been able to do and what we have been able to accomplish. Heck, even WordPress acknowledged our growth in such a short time frame allowing us to be one of the quickest monetized blog pages.

With time, and life, things change and priorities may alter. For us at Playback, we recognize that there is a time to make actions and better the team. So what does this mean? Yes, PlayBack Gaming will be shutting down the website. However, we don’t want you to walk away just yet. You see, the team isn’t quite done. We recognize there is a time to make actions and better the team. We want to announce that this PBG team will be joining the wonderful team over at

Over at The Inner Circle we have had made friends throughout the years and share the same passions: unaltered news, insightful opinions and a want to better the games media as a whole. After much consideration, we have decided that making this move is not only better for PBG and our readers, TIC and their readers, but for the gaming media as a whole.

This process will be effective immediately. In doing so we will be slowly moving over PBG assets to TiC and continuing to bolster great content for everyone. We hope you continue to come and see the great content offered over at As for, we will be archiving the website for a time so that you will be able to continue to see what content was offered.

From the bottom of our hearts at Playback Gaming we appreciate every one of you that have continued to support us throughout the years.  These have been some of the best years of our lives!


  • Kevin “iDizzy81” Alexander, Founder of PlayBack Gaming
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