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ILP 85 ft J Fonzerrelli | Spider-Man NPD | RDR2 impressions | CD3 Cloud Destruction | Banjo-Kazooie

Welcome to another new episode of The Iron Lords Podcast. On today’s show, the Lords are joined by ILP extended family, @JFonzerrelli, to discuss all things Red Dead Redemption 2. But, before Lord Sovereign and Lord Fonz can gush about the game of the century, knees must be bent as Lord King is “appropriately” garbed to revel in Spiderman’s NPD victory over God of War and Lord Addict. Afterward, the Lords give their impressions of Rockstar’s latest open-world cowboy simulator as Lord Addict cries about the controls. Then, Lord Cognito discusses the rumor that Crackdown 3 will still implement a full destruction model in its PvP multiplayer mode. Finally, Lord Addict speculates on a possible Banjo-Kazooie sequel and what it would need to be successful and appealing to current gamers. This is ILP 85!

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