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ILP 86 ft PoPerfUS & @realMedications | Smash Direct | RDR2 a 10? | XO18 | Black Friday | Do Exclusives Matter?

Welcome to another new episode of The Iron Lords Podcast. Today, the Lords are joined by returning ILP extended family @PoPerfUS and newcomer to the realm, @realMedications. After intros, Red Dead escapades, Fight Talk and Patreon love, the Lords jump into the topics of the day. Lord Cognito leads with a breakdown of Nintendo’s latest and final(?) Smash Bros. Direct. Lord King follows with a conversation about games that receive perfect scores but still contain potentially game breaking bugs. Lord Addict then talks about his predictions for Xbox’s upcoming XO18 event. Lord Sovereign then breaks down all the latest Black Friday leaks and offers his thoughts on who can “win” Black Friday. As a bonus topic, the Lords once again discuss the relevancy of console exclusives after NPD’s Mat Piscatella breaks Twitter with an interesting analysis of lifetime game sales on PS4 and Xbox One. This is ILP 86!

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