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ILP 87 ft Dreamcastguy | Kidsmoove | Jez Corden | JayDub | XO18 Review | CD3 Breakdown | PS Now

Welcome to another new episode of the Iron Lords Podcast. On today’s super sized show, the Lords welcome back @DreamcastGuy, @kidsmoove, @JezCorden and @JayDubcity16 to the round table! After intros, revised Top 5’s and Sovereign’s weekly Red Dead Recap, the Lords jump into THE topic of the show, Microsoft’s XO18 Inside Xbox event. After some spirited debate about the strengths and weaknesses of the show, Lord Jez breaks down his hands on time with Crackdown 3‘s PvP destructive mode, Wrecking Zone. Finally, the Lords discuss Superdata’s findings which surprisingly put PS Now at the forefront of subscription based services, over EA Access and Xbox Game Pass. ILP 87 is in the books!

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