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ILP 89 ft Fastback & Southbound | COD & SP | Xbox GGPD Asia | Pokemon Lets Go | Spiderman DLC

Welcome to another new episode of The Iron Lords Podcast. Today, the Lords are finally joined by the creator of the TXR Podcast @SOUTHBOUND110 and the creator of the WDFC Podcast, @Fastback6768. After intros, the Lords jump into the topics of the day. Lord Sovereign starts off with a discussion about the success of Black Ops 4 without single player and how that success may affect single player campaigns in multiplayer centric shooters moving forward. Next, Lord Cognito talks about Xbox’s new GGPD Asia division and how that affects Xbox’s presence in Asian markets. Then, in Lord Addict’s absence, the Lords briefly discuss Pokemon Let’s Go’s successful launch. Finally, Lord King talks about Spiderman’s final DLC, Turf Wars. This is ILP 89!

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