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ILP 90 ft BRAP Podcast & AnchormanV2 | Fallout 76 | Game Award Leaks | Nintendo Creator Program | X revenue

Welcome to a new episode of The Iron Lords Podcast. Today, the Lords are joined by their longtime brethren, @BRAP_Podcast and @AnchormanV2. After combat talk and intros, the Lords start in on the topics of the day. The Lords begin with a huge discussion about the various criticisms levied against Fallout 76, culminating in a hilarious section on “Bag-Gate.” Then, Lord Sovereign discusses potential Game Award announcement leaks and Obsidian’s new sci-fi RPG. Finally, the Lords quickly run through the final two topics of the day as they talk about the cancellation of Nintendo’s controversial Creators Program and Xbox One X sales and revenue. This is ILP 90!

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