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ILP 93 ft The Xbox Two | Xbox Scarlett Strategy | Decline of Activision-Blizzard? | Mad Box Console

Happy 2019 and welcome to another new season of The Iron Lords Podcast! The Lords start the year off in grand fashion as they’re joined by esteemed friends of the realm and members of the The Xbox Two Podcast, @Rand_al_Thor_19 and @JezCorden. After intros and post holiday updates, The Lords jump into the first topic of the show, as they discuss Xbox’s possible multi SKU approach to next gen hardware. Afterwards, Lord Addict leads a discussion about the state of Activision-Blizzard after the departure of two executives and a perceived mismanagement of Blizzard’s portfolio. For the last topic of the show, the Lords talk about Slightly Mad Studios’ newly announced “Mad Box” console and how it may affect the gaming landscape in the future. ILP 93 is in the books!

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